Comprehensive Eyecare

 Yes, we can treat you medically!  We offer:

  • Clinical, Optical and Vision Care.
  • Comprehensive Medical Eye Care.
  • Dry Eye testing and medical management.
  • Cataract evaluation with the most modern techniques and Pre and Post Operative management.
  • Glaucoma testing and medical clinical management.
  • Diabetes Medical clinical management.
  • Macular Degeneration Testing and management.
  • Red Eye Treatment including,ocular allergies, infections and inflammation.
  • Emergency opthalmic services
  • Pediatric Evaluations without surgery.
  • Pterygium management
  • Lasik/PRK Evaluations and management. (Including Pre and Post Operative Management.)

Dr. Derryberry has the highest level of credentialing for an Optometrist.  He is a Glaucoma Specialist and Therapeutically Certified which means he can do much more than general eye exams.


Remember that early signs of diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and elevated cholesterol levels can often be detected through an eye exam.  Even patients with 20/20 vision can suffer from underlying eye problems. By early detection of these underlying health problems, you can seek early treatment, possibly improving your overall health along with your vision.


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