Contact Lenses


We believe, contact lenses are an important part of an Advanced optometric practice. This is why we fit all types of contact lenses. 


Dr. Derryberry firmly believes that many patients can be successfully fit with contact lenses due to the latest advances in materials and lens technology.  We have a diverse selection of contacts to suit your lifestyle.  


If you have had difficulty being fit for contact lenses, we can help!  We have had many patients that have been told they were unable to wear contact lenses.  Unfortunately, many of these patients were simply not offered the latest technology.  Therefore, challenging fits such as patients with astigmatism, presbyopia, post RK, post PRK, post LASIK, post cataract surgery, keratoconus and corneal dystrophies are welcomed by Dr. Derryberry.


Children are another population that benefit from contact lenses.  There are many more reason to put children in contacts other than cosmetics.  Children with high correction or  ambylopia as well as children that participate in extra curricular activities such as sports, cheer leading and band, to name a few, can greatly benefit from wearing contact lenses.  A by product of their improved vision is improved self confidence.